About This Website...

This Website is under active development. Upcoming posts are expected to include excerpts from the books by Raju Chidambaram on the following topics:

  • How Science, Spirituality, and Religion differ from one another in their scope and focus; their interrelationship.
  • Basic concepts of Vedanta (such as Vāsanas, detachment, and purity of mind) needed for the construction of mathematical models of spirituality.
  • Creation viewed as a divine play (līla); the role of uncertainty in creation and its explanation using the Prakṛti – Īśvaraḥ Model.
  • Free will, consciousness and artificial intelligence.
  • Mind-body duality; how Vedanta helps resolve David Chalmer’s “hard problem of consciousness”.
  • The many interesting mathematical and linguistic parallels between Einstein’s Relativity Theory and the “Law of Love” in mathematical spirituality regarding time experienced by sentient beings.
  • Computation of the state of mind of sentient beings on encountering objects and situations in the world.
  • The Mindscape Diagrams allowing the computed state of mind to be plotted on a two dimensional graph whose coordinate axes are related to the Vedantic concepts of śreyas and preyas.
  • The Chinmaya Model: mathematical model of the feedback loop in spiritual evolution and its implications.
  • Contrasting inner life with worldly life as a way to appreciate basic Vedantic teachings.
  • The geometry of the inner path to enlightenment implied by the Chinmaya Model and its many interesting spiritual interpretations.
  • Besides the above, posts regarding the life and work of Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, the founder of the global Chinmaya Mission and other teachers in the mission, are also planned.