Spirituality, the Science of Existence

In this website you will find Spirituality treated for what it truly is … a full-fledged Science of Existence which can be expressed and explained using mathematics, the language of choice of all sciences. Spirituality is the ultimate science addressing the basic existential questions. Existence of a thing involves the thing seen existing and a sentient seer. Existence of a thing “seen”, whether it is through direct perception, inference, conceptualization, or hypothesis, requires a sentient “seer” to see it, infer it or conceptualize it. But a sentient seer can exist without anything seen. Whereas traditional science deals almost exclusively with the “seen” whose existence depends on a seer, spiritual science deals with the seer and its interactions with the seen. The spiritual and material sciences are thus largely complementary.

Vedanta, which has been around over many millennia, and which has garnered the respect of several renowned scientists, philosophers and psychologists of both East and West, provides a firm logical approach to spiritual science. We can, as shown in the books and other references you will find in this website, translate the logic of Vedanta into a mathematical theory of human spirituality. The mathematical theory of spirituality deals with how sentient beings (jīvas) interact with the world in their worldly life and how they progress in their inner spiritual life towards realization of Truth. It does not deal with Brahman, the Ultimate Reality or Truth, which cannot be grasped by the intellect and hence is also beyond the province of mathematical models.

Mathematical Spirituality represents an emerging new field which should make spirituality more appealing and accessible to the scientific community at large. The author’s work is just a beginning and by no means the final word. It is being promoted in this website as a field ready to be enriched by contributions from other philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians and scientists.

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